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Optimization and Generation Changes in Snapshot 21w41a


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This week the snapshot received mostly technical changes. Version 1.18 is almost ready for release, perhaps the exact dates will be announced on Minecraft Live this Saturday. Simultaneously, players can appreciate the improvement in performance, as well as significant changes in world generation. This means that most of the old seeds are outdated.

The main changes in the snapshot 21w41a:

  • changed the background image of the menu and the loading animation;
  • improved rendering of chunks, now players will not see holes during flight;
  • introduced a new random number generator to create the world;
  • mines in the mes are generated closer to the surface;
  • amethyst geodes now only spawn below height 30, their number has returned to version 1.17.

Several other minor changes have also been made, and many bugs have been fixed.



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