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The First Pre-Release of Version 1.19 is out


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After many snapshots, the first pre-release of the Wild Update has become available, which means that the final version of 1.19 will be released very soon. As is often the case, this version does not contain much new content. Most of the changes are related to work on bugs and optimization.

Key changes in the first Wild Update pre-release:

  • reduced the number of mango trees in mangrove swamps;
  • increased the allowable light level for the appearance of Endermen, Skeletons and Piglins;
  • the use of some items now creates vibrations that Warden reacts to;
  • for the /place template command, auto-completion options have been added;
  • chat preview is now available for /say and /msg commands;
  • dozens of bugs have been fixed, most of them related to changes in the latest snapshots.

The developers note that now the release of pre-releases will not be tied to any schedule. They will be released as soon as they are ready, and not just on Wednesdays, like snapshots.


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