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Snapshots 23w51a & 23w51b: Unleashes Armadillos, Wolf Armor, and More!


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Minecraft enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the holiday surprise as Mojang unveils Snapshot 23w51a, the first sneak peek into the upcoming Minecraft 1.20.5 update. Packed with exciting features, this snapshot introduces the adorable Armadillo, Wolf Armor, and a slew of bug fixes that promise a smoother gaming experience.

New Features

Armadillo – A Rolling Companion

Meet the Armadillo, a charming new passive mob making its debut in the Minecraft world. Found in Savannas, this creature periodically drops Armadillo Scutes and exhibits fascinating rolling-up behavior in the face of threats. When danger lurks in the form of sprinting players, mounted individuals, or undead mobs, the Armadillo gracefully rolls up, ready to defend itself. However, it remains unfazed when fleeing, in water, in the air, or on a leash.

Armadillo Scutes

These scutes, dropped by Armadillos, serve a crucial purpose. They can be used to craft Wolf Armor, adding an exciting layer of customization to your loyal wolf companions.

Armadillo Rolling Up Behavior

While in a rolled-up state, the Armadillo cannot walk, eat, or be tempted by food. It diligently scans for threats, and after 3 seconds of safety, it gracefully unrolls, ready to resume its normal activities.

Wolf Armor – Dressing Up Your Companions

Minecraft pet owners, rejoice! Wolf Armor has been introduced, allowing you to equip your adult tamed Wolves with stylish and protective gear. Crafted using Armadillo Scutes, this armor provides the same level of protection as Diamond Horse Armor.

Using Wolf Armor

Only the owner of a Wolf can equip it with Wolf Armor. Attempts to use Dispensers for this purpose will prove futile. Should your tamed Wolf meet an untimely end, the armor it wore will drop as loot.

Shearing Wolf Armor

If you want to change your Wolf’s look, using Shears will cause it to drop its armor. Again, only the Wolf’s owner has the exclusive right to shear the Wolf Armor, and Dispensers cannot assist in this process.


Renaming Scutes

To avoid confusion, scutes obtained from Turtles have been renamed to Turtle Scutes.

Llamas and Shulkers

Llamas and Shulkers will no longer have the ability to destroy armor stands, providing a welcome relief to players who enjoy showcasing their collection of armors.

Technical Changes

For the tech-savvy players, various technical changes have been implemented to enhance the overall gameplay experience. Details about these changes can be explored further in the official Minecraft technical documentation.

Bug Fixes in 23w51b

The development team has diligently addressed issues in the 23w51b update, fixing a crash that occurred when a player’s nametag was visible during specific in-game actions such as sleeping, swimming, or dying.



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