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Snapshot 24w04a Released.


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Minecraft enthusiasts, rejoice! Mojang has just rolled out the latest snapshot, 24w04a, packed with exciting features, optimizations, and intriguing changes to keep players on their toes. This snapshot introduces updates for Armadillo behavior, experimental features, and server-side performance enhancements.

Armadillo Behavior Takes a Roll

One highlight feature is the revamped behavior of Armadillos. These creatures can now roll up when detecting a nearby mob or a recently attacking player. In this state, their shell acts as a protective barrier, significantly reducing damage and sometimes fully resisting weaker attacks. It adds a new layer of strategy for players encountering these creatures in the wild.

Commanding Changes: “Allow Cheats” Becomes “Allow Commands”

In the realm of commands, Mojang has streamlined options for players. “Allow Cheats” is now “Allow Commands,” aligning with the evolving nature of the game. This change emphasizes the versatility and expanded capabilities of command functionality, making it more accessible for both seasoned Minecraft veterans and newcomers.

Snapshot 24w04a doesn’t stop at creature behavior and command adjustments. The update includes technical changes aimed at improving overall performance. Server-side optimizations promise a smoother multiplayer experience, enhanced debug tools, and a new transfer command, providing more tools for server administrators to fine-tune their worlds.

The optimization updates in this snapshot are a testament to Mojang’s commitment to refining the Minecraft experience, ensuring players can delve into their adventures without the hindrance of technical issues.



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