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Multiple Changes in Snapshot 24w13a


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Minecraft enthusiasts rejoice as a new snapshot, 24w13a, has been unveiled, promising exciting updates to the Mace, Trial Chambers, and the debut of Ominous Trials.  Players diving into the snapshot will discover revamped features, including:

Changes to the Mace:

  • Explosive particle effects added to smash attacks
  • Increased knockback power and range
  • Introduction of stronger knockback after falling
  • Reset of vertical momentum upon successful strikes
  • Addition of new enchantments like Density, Breach, and Wind Burst

Ominous Events:

  • Bad Omen redesign to initiate challenging experiences called Ominous Events
  • Access to Raid Omen variants after a cooldown period
  • Introduction of Ominous Bottle to grant Bad Omen effect
  • Exploration of Trial Chambers with Bad Omen triggers Ominous Trials

Ominous Trials:

  • Facing more powerful Trial Spawners for unique challenges and rewards
  • Transformation of Trial Spawners into Ominous variants
  • Provision of Ominous Trial Keys by defeating Ominous Trial Spawners
  • Discovery of Ominous Vaults for valuable rewards

Mob Effects:

  • Introduction of new effects like Wind Charged, Weaving, Oozing, and Infested
  • Encounter with effects while tackling Ominous Trial Spawners

Trial Chambers Loot:

  • Adjustments in loot distribution within Trial Chamber Vaults
  • Inclusion of Ominous Bottles in Standard Vaults and valuable items in Ominous Vaults

Trial Spawner:

  • Adjustments to mob presence and activation conditions
  • Reduction in mob presence based on player count
  • Activation based on player line of sight

Trial Chambers:

  • Remodeling of chambers with updated layouts and placements
  • Reduction in Trial Spawners in corridors
  • Addition of Ominous Vaults in strategic locations

This snapshot promises to elevate the Minecraft experience with its array of new features and enhancements. Players are encouraged to explore the mysterious realms of Trial Chambers and confront the challenges of Ominous Trials. Happy mining, adventurers!



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