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Minecraft Live 2020 is Coming This Saturday!


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The main event for Minecrafters from around the world will take place on October 3, at 16:00 UTC. The developers promise news of a major update for Minecraft, as well as a vote for new mobs! We are also expecting interesting information about other Mojang projects: Earth and Dungeons.

The theme of the new version of Minecraft is still a mystery. There are only a few assumptions about this. It is possible that version 1.17 will be associated with an update to the caves or with a new combat system. But the changes can be completely unexpected, as was the case with Nether Update.

In addition, during Minecraft Live 2020, everyone will be able to vote for one of three mobs:

  1. Iceologer is a hostile mob that lives in cold biomes. A mage who can attack a player from afar with an ice cloud. Currently present in Minecraft Dungeons.
  2. Moobloom. Yellow cow with flowers on the back. Will live in a flower forest and be friends with bees. It is one of the most familiar MC Earth mobs.
  3. Glow Squid. An analogue of the well-known water mob, which will live only close to the ocean floor, where it will complement the deep-sea atmosphere. The mob will receive a full glow, in the same way as the eyes of Enderman. Also implemented in Minecraft Earth.

It will be possible to cast your vote for one of these mobs only during Minecraft Live 2020 on the official twitter . Recall that last year, players chose a mountain biome with goats, but it was not added even after two updates. Perhaps it will become part of Minecraft 1.17 and will be announced on Saturday!


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  • i would like to join the minecraft live i cant wait

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