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Minecraft 1.20.5 is Out: Armadillos, Wolf Armor and More


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In the latest update to Minecraft, version 1.20.5 brings a host of exciting new features and additions, including the introduction of Armadillos, Wolf Armor, and several new Wolf variants. This update promises to enrich players’ experiences with new gameplay mechanics and customization options.


One of the key highlights of this update is the addition of Armadillos, a new passive mob that spawns in Savannas and Badlands biomes. Armadillos drop Armadillo Scutes periodically and can be bred using Spider Eyes. When threatened, Armadillos roll up into a protective ball, reducing damage taken and scanning for potential threats.

Armadillo Scutes and Wolf Armor

The Armadillo Scutes dropped by Armadillos can be used to craft Wolf Armor, a new protective gear for tamed Wolves. This armor can be dyed and repaired using Armadillo Scutes. Shearing a Wolf wearing armor will drop the armor, allowing for repairs or customization.

New Wolf Variants

Version 1.20.5 also introduces new Wolf variants based on spawning biomes, such as Pale Wolves in the Taiga biome, Ashen Wolves in the Snowy Taiga biome, and Rusty Wolves in Jungle-like biomes. Each variant has unique characteristics and spawn conditions, adding diversity to the Wolf population.

Advancements and UI Updates

Several new advancements have been added, encouraging players to interact with the new features, like obtaining Armadillo Scutes or taming each Wolf variant. Additionally, the user interface (UI) has been refreshed for a more modern look.

Other Improvements

In addition to the major updates, Minecraft version 1.20.5 includes tweaks to existing blocks, items, and entities, as well as adjustments to passive mob spawning in certain biomes. The default size of spawn chunks has been decreased and made configurable, offering more flexibility to players.

With version 1.20.5, Minecraft continues to evolve and expand, providing players with new creatures, items, and gameplay elements to discover and enjoy. Whether you’re exploring new biomes or crafting custom armor for your Wolves, this update promises exciting adventures in the blocky world of Minecraft.



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