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Snapshot with Changed Combat Mechanics Released


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Minecraft developers shared some nice and unexpected news on Reddit. Rumors were confirmed, they are really actively working on a new combat system for Minecraft. Moreover, now everyone can appreciate the first developments, for this you need to install a special “secret” snapshot.

The changes in version 1.9 were mostly negatively perceived by the gaming community. Because of them, most PvP players still remain at 1.8.9. The developers identified three main drawbacks of battles in the Java version:

  • slow attacks that make the battle process boring;
  • low DPS, very often it is not enough to break through the regeneration of health;
  • the mechanics are unclear for beginners.

The developers plan to comprehensively redesign the combat system, while it should be similar in both Java and Bedrock edition.

In a snapshot, you can evaluate the following innovations:

  • increased attack speed for all types of weapons;
  • the attack takes place only after a full charge;
  • you can hold the button for a constant attack;
  • каждое оружие имеет свою дальность атаки;
  • upon reaching 200% of the charge, special attacks become available, such as crit or knockback;
  • shields are used without delay, and are also activated during squats.

This is only a test version, so you should not expect a good balance.

To experience changes in the action yourself, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Download a snapshot.
  2. Unzip it into the versions folder (if you don’t know how to find it, press Ctrl + R, %appdata%/.minecraft and click OK).
  3. In the official launcher, create a new installation by choosing version 1_14_combat-212796 for it
  4. Launch the game with this installation, the necessary files will be downloaded automatically.
  5. Create a new world, in the old saves the new system will not work.

Share your impressions of the new action in the comments.

Download snapshot:

Download 1.14 Combat Snapshot [4.73 Kb](Downloads: 11)

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