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Inventory HUD+ Mod [Forge]


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With the Inventory HUD+ mod, you can always see what is in your inventory. You can customize the display of items to your preference, for example, change the transparency of the inventory background, make it horizontal or vertical, and even turn on animation. Also, the mod has two more additional features. First, it can show the active effects of potions and their duration. Secondly, the mod can display information about your armor and weapons (for example, their durability, the number of arrows you have, etc.).

To customize this mod, go to the main menu, click on the Mods button, select Inventory HUD+ from the list, and then click on Config. Or do it by pressing the “O” button during the game. This is the Forge version, and if you need a Fabric mod, you can download it here.

How to install Inventory HUD+ mod

  1. Make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the mod for your version of the game.
  3. Put it in the ‘mods’ folder, which is located in the game folder.
MC version 1.20.x
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.20.x [219.78 Kb](Downloads: 9)
MC version 1.20-1.20.1
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.20-1.20.1 [217.93 Kb](Downloads: 53)
MC version 1.19.4
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.19.4 [213.40 Kb](Downloads: 84)
MC version 1.19.2
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.19.2 [200.66 Kb](Downloads: 206)
MC version 1.19
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.19 [185.26 Kb](Downloads: 214)
MC version 1.18.x
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.18.x [196.36 Kb](Downloads: 104)
MC version 1.17.1
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.17.1 [174.02 Kb](Downloads: 96)
MC version 1.16.2-1.16.5
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.16.2-1.16.5 [172.64 Kb](Downloads: 323)
MC version 1.15.2
Download Inventory HUD+ 1.15.2 [169.17 Kb](Downloads: 32)


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