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Hi-Tech Build by Coper (server with plugins & client)


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Hi-Tech Build by Coper is an excellent choice when creating an industrial Minecraft server. It perfectly interacts with all technological modes, which allows players to fully realize their ideas.

This server is based on the most ambitious industrial mods and add-ons for them. Among them you will find such popular add-ons:

Also in the server assembly are included optimization modes that allow you to run it on medium PCs.

For player`s convenience, the server received the following set of plugins:

  • CoreProtect;
  • SimpleClans;
  • WorldEdit и множество других.

All this allows you to fully unlock the potential of the technological capabilities of Minecraft. On this server, players can join in large groups and jointly build entire cities with factories, power plants and automated farms.

Download Hi-Tech Build by Coper server for Minecraft:

MC version 1.7.10 Client
Download Hi-Tech by Coper [630.63 Mb](Downloads: 66)
MC version 1.7.10 Server
Download Hi-Tech by Coper [165.47 Mb](Downloads: 29)


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