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LiteLoader is a loader for lightweight and fast mods for Minecraft, as well as tool for creating them. It is characterized by high speed and ease of use.

LiteLoader itself does not affect the gameplay. It can be installed on any version of Minecraft. Compatible with Forge and Optifine, if installed correctly, simultaneous use without any conflicts is permissible. After installation, it adds the mods folder to the directory with the game, into which later modifications in the .litemode format are loaded.

How to install LiteLoader

  1. Download the file for your version of Minecraft.
  2. Run the installation. If the file opens as an archive, then right-click on it and select the opening using Java.
  3. Select the version of Minecraft you want to install LiteLoader on.
  4. Go to Minecraft and check if LiteLoader is in the list of mods

Download LiteLoader for Minecraft

MC version 1.12.2
Download LiteLoader 1.12.2 [3.96 Mb](Downloads: 513)
MC version 1.12.1
Download LiteLoader 1.12.2 [3.92 Mb](Downloads: 27)
MC version 1.12
Download LiteLoader 1.12 [3.92 Mb](Downloads: 24)
MC version 1.11.2
Download LiteLoader 1.11.2 [3.77 Mb](Downloads: 10)
MC version 1.11
Download LiteLoader 1.11 [3.77 Mb](Downloads: 3)
MC version 1.10.2
Download LiteLoader 1.10.2 [3.74 Mb](Downloads: 15)
MC version 1.10
Download LiteLoader 1.10 [3.69 Mb](Downloads: 4)
MC version 1.9.4
Download LiteLoader 1.9.4 [3.67 Mb](Downloads: 13)
MC version 1.9
Download LiteLoader 1.9 [3.65 Mb](Downloads: 22)
MC version 1.8.9
Download LiteLoader 1.8.9 [3.58 Mb](Downloads: 164)
MC version 1.8
Download LiteLoader 1.8 [3.21 Mb](Downloads: 27)
MC version 1.7.10
Download LiteLoader 1.7.10 [2.76 Mb](Downloads: 41)
MC version 1.7.2
Download LiteLoader 1.7.2 [2.53 Mb](Downloads: 22)
MC version 1.6.4
Download LiteLoader 1.6.4 [2.36 Mb](Downloads: 76)
MC version 1.6.2
Download LiteLoader 1.6.2 [2.37 Mb](Downloads: 8)


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