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Apotheosis Mod


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Apotheosis Mod is a big mod that infuses several aspects of the game with new mechanics. For example, there are now new ways to create potions, new types of enchantments, spawner editors and much more.

Key features

  1. Some restrictions have been removed from the enchantment table and the anvil. You can get a noticeably higher level of enchantments for more experience. In addition, now armor, weapons and tools can be repaired in an anvil.
  2. Nether bookshelf. This is a stronger analogue of a regular bookshelf. With its help, you can get a higher level of certain enchantments. The maximum level when using such shelves is 320.
  3. Altar. A block in which you can convert unnecessary enchanted items into usable ones. Items with any durability can be used.
  4. Special books. Created for new enchantments.


  1. Explosion of power. When receiving damage, the player enters the rage mode, receiving additional effects to speed, strength and resistance.
  2. Mining skills. A sharp increase in the speed of mining blocks and resources.
  3. Nether battle. Greater Damage in Nether.
  4. Ice Spikes. Those who attacked the player will be slowed down.
  5. Life = Repair. In return for a certain number of HP, any items will be repaired.
  6. Horse strike. Additional damage to enemies if the main character is on a horse.
  7. Garbage man. Small chance of double drops.
  8. Shield strike. When reflecting a blow with a shield, you can expect retaliatory damage to the enemy.
  9. Support. Air strikes will do the same damage as on the ground.
  10. Livestock. Animals will follow the player.
  11. Experience. Instead of the usual loot, an increased amount of experience will drop from mobs.
  12. Separation. Anvils that fall on an enchanted book with multiple effects can split them.
  13. Natural effect. The hoe will be analogous to bone meal.
  14. Rebound. Enemies attacking the player will be pushed back.


Now you can create a unique spawner. This allows you to generate almost any kind of mobs. The spawner can be customized using special parameters.

Spawner modifications:

  1. Sugar. Reduces spawn time by 5 ticks.
  2. Clock. Reducing the delay by 10 ticks.
  3. Cooked Spider Eye. Two mobs appear instead of one.
  4. Ghast’s tear. Doubles the number of mobs.
  5. Prismarine crystals. Mobs can spawn much further from the spawner.
  6. Ifrit stick. Spawn range is increased by 1 block.
  7. Dragon’s Egg. Disables all options for mobs. Greater chance of a mob spawning in armor or with a rare weapon.
  8. Golden Apple. Literally an infinite number of creatures can now appear.
  9. Comparator. Connecting red dust and activating the spawner by redstone.
  10. Any mob spawn egg. Changes the essence to the one in the egg.


Some standard potions can now be crafted much easier.

New potions:

  1. Split. Increase damage by 20 percent. You can activate both the player and the mob.
  2. Infinity. All arrows types for a bow will be infinite.

Mobs and bosses

  1. Boss monster. A unique boss with its own set of characteristics and skills may appear in the game. Find out what it looks like!
  2. Rogue. Two types of robbers who will attack the player in the caves.

How to install Apotheosis mod

  1. Make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download Placebo library.
  3. Download the mod for your version of the game.
  4. Put it in the ‘mods’ folder, which is located in the game folder.
MC version 1.16.3
Download Apotheosis 1.16.3 [703.05 Kb](Downloads: 83)
MC version 1.15.2
Download Apotheosis 1.15.2 [700.37 Kb](Downloads: 16)
MC version 1.14.4
Download Apotheosis 1.14.4 [504.91 Kb](Downloads: 10)

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