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Snapshot 23w13a_or_b Official Server


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April Fool’s snapshot 23w13a_or_b is not just a one-time joke, but also a full-fledged game version, which is necessary for non-standard survival or various challenges. The developers have added not only voting for changes, but also a lot of new mechanics, as well as blocks, items, and even a whole dimension. This version is worth playing with a large group and experimenting with unusual voting options.

The voting system is very simple, they are generated automatically every few minutes, and players need to press the V button to see the list of available votes and cast their vote for one of the options. In addition, the following features were implemented in the game:

  • new mobs;
  • potions of resizing and transformation;edible weapons;
  • the ability to go to the moon (and return);
  • features from Bedrock Edition and more!

To start the server, you just need to open the file. You can read more about running a clean server in this guide.

MC version 1.20

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