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Radiant City Map


Average rating: 4.4

Radiant City is a map of a big city, which, unlike most such projects, is not just a collection of buildings. Here you can find nine different trials at once, including quests with RPG elements, parkour tasks and mazes.

The city has built more than 70 buildings, some of which are copies of famous architectural structures. Most of them have rooms, working lights and other interesting functions. You can find many shops with sellers. Also, a working metro is built on seven lines, which greatly simplifies the movement. The card uses a built-in custom resource pack that changes the background music of the game, replacing it with atmospheric tracks from HoMM, Baldurs Gate and other famous games.

The coordinates of all trials on the map:

  • Maze – 1831 66 246;
  • Parkour #1 – 1983 41 106;
  • Parkour #2 – 1989 46 61;
  • Parkour #3 – 1788 49 19;
  • Quest in the morgue – 1989 41 106;
  • Jail quest- 1988 63 255;
  • Quest in the courthouse – 1927 76 278;
  • Quest in the hospital – 1684 66 186;
  • University quest – 1985 66 306;

Most of the tests can be done in a co-op, which makes this card an excellent choice for a server.

MC version 1.17.x-1.19.x
Download Radiant City 1.17.x-1.19 [108.96 Mb](Downloads: 1105)
MC version 1.16.x
Download Radiant City 1.16 [72.89 Mb](Downloads: 447)
MC version 1.15.2
Download Radiant City 1.15.2 [72.48 Mb](Downloads: 2003)
MC version 1.14.4
Download Radiant City 1.14.4 [69.81 Mb](Downloads: 300)

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