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All Minecraft Enchantments with a Description


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It’s hard to complete Minecraft without upgrading your gear. Use enchantments to power up your armor, weapons, and tools, complementing them with unique abilities and improvements.

Enchantments can be obtained in two ways:

  • Find Enchanted Books in chests by researching dungeons.
  • Using the Enchanting Table.

How to Enchant an Item?

  • Create an enchantment table, put an item there and select one of three inscriptions. The more levels a player has, the better the effect can be obtained.
  • To use the anvil, you need to find the book with the effect and put it in the interface. In addition, you need to place an appropriate tool, weapon or armor in the anvil.

Full Enchantments List

Unbreaking – increase the number of uses for any items.

Mending – the item is repaired by gaining experience.

Curse of Binding – when equipped, item cannot be removed until brokening or player death.

Curse of Vanishing – item with such an enchantment will disappear after player death.

Aqua Affinity – mining speed underwater will be increased.

Respiration – the player will be able to stay underwater longer.

Blast Protection – reduces damage from explosions and reduces knockback.

Projectile Protection – additional protection against all types of projectiles.

Protection – armor will be more effective at reducing all types of damage (4% of reduction per level).

Fire Protection – damage reduction from any kind of fire, including lava.

Thorns – an enchantment that can return some damage to the attacking enemy.

Depth Strider – increases movement speed underwater.

Feather Falling – fall damage will be reduced.

Frost Walker – allows you to turn water into ice when the player walks on it.

Sharpness – more damage for sword and ax.

Bane of Arthropods – increases damage to all spiders and insects, and also slows them down.

Smite – more damage to all types of undead.

Sweeping Edge – additional damage to mobs that were near the target.

Knockback – knocks the enemy back a few blocks.

Fire Aspect – sets the enemy on fire when attacking.

Looting – the amount of drops after killing mobs will be increased.

Channeling – a trident that was accurately thrown at a mob will spawn a lightning bolt that attacks the same mob.

Impaling – additional damage inflicted by the trident against water mobs.

Loyalty – the trident will return to its owner after being thrown.

Riptide – the thrown-out trident will pull the player with it. The main character will move to the place where the trident fell.

Power – increased damage for the bow.

Punch– an accurate hit of an arrow will push the mob or player away.

Flame – the arrow released will burn. Upon hitting the target, it will also light up.

Infinity – only 1 arrow is needed for arrow shooting.

Efficiency – blocks will collapse faster.

Silk Touch – when using a pickaxe, you can get the block that was destroyed. For example, if you break a block of grass, it is he who will drop.

Fortune – you can get more ore or other valuable resources when using a pickaxe.

Luck of the Sea – more likely to catch a valuable item while fishing.

Lure – the chance to catch fish will be increased while fishing.

Multishot – when using a crossbow, you can shoot three arrows at once.

Piercing – an arrow fired from a crossbow will pass through the mob or player.

Quick Charge – the crossbow will reload much faster.

Soul Speed – increases speed while walking on soul sand or Soul Soil. Obtainable only when bartering with piglins

You can search the page to find the enchant you want.

Ways to Obtain Books:

  • Buying enchanted items from a villager or bartering with piglins.
  • Fishing will help you find rare tools and armor.
  • If any zombie or skeleton has an enchanted item in hand, then there is a chance of dropping it.

Another easy way to find out what each enchant does is to install the Enchantment Descriptions mod.



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