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Best Minecraft Server Hostings


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The easiest way to create your own Minecraft server is to use ready-made solutions from the hosting server. You do not have to configure the server yourself, connect plugins or check the compatibility of all mods. You can set up a cool server with many mini-games or just organize co-operative survival in vanilla Minecraft using the convenient interface in just a few clicks.

We have selected the four most reliable Minecraft server hosters with many cool features and excellent tariff plans. Check out the key features and choose the best option for yourself! Detailed information about every service you can learn from the hostings list from Guru99.


Price range: $5-$96 monthly

Minimal RAM: 768 MB

Versions: Java and Bedrock

Great choice for beginners due to the variety of tariff plans and the simplest interface. At the same time, even inexperienced users here can create a professional-level server that will have its own launcher and website.

A simple step-by-step setup allows you to install the vanilla version of Minecraft or a ready-made server build with many mods. If desired, mods and plugins can be installed and removed in one click. All servers use a high-speed connection and SSD drives, which provides lag-free gaming.

The minimum tarif plan is only $5 per month, which is ideal for a small family server up to 10 people. Moreover, in the first month there is a 50% discount, which allows you to evaluate quality with minimal cost. The maximum tariff will provide you 32 GB of RAM with online support for up to 600 people. Moreover, the number of players is not limited and is only a recommendation. Regardless of the tariff, you can run an unlimited number of servers at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Easy step-by-step installing.
  • Servers in all parts of the world.
  • Support for Spigot and other server modifications.
  • Ability to launch a server site with a forum and donation store.
  • Own custom launcher with a unique design.
  • Full access to all files via FTP.


Price range: $3-$36 monthly

Minimal RAM: 1 GB

Versions: Java and Bedrock

The GGServers hoster allows you to create servers for many cooperative games, but Minecraft is given special attention. Players can choose one of eight tariffs, which, depending on the cost, received names from Stone to Emerald. Each tariff can be switched to premium service. In this case, the player will receive much more powerful equipment for his server, as well as the ability to place in any of 9 points, including several US states, European countries and Australia.

The player will have at his disposal a convenient panel that will allow not only to create a server and install mods in a few clicks, but also provide basic administration tools. Right on the host’s website, you can use the command line, write to the server’s chat and moderate it, as well as create new worlds using all available settings.

Key Features:

  • Full FTP-access and custom JARs support;
  • DDOS-protection included in all plans;
  • Unlimited number of Players in all Premium packages;
  • Subusers may be added to control panel with regulate permissions control;


Price range: $6-$35 monthly

Minimal RAM: 1 GB

Versions: Java and Bedrock

This hosting specializes exclusively in Minecraft and has an excellent reputation. Its servers are located in powerful data centers in 16 cities around the world. This provides minimal ping for all players. And the most powerful CPU and SSD-drives guarantee the absence of lags even at highest load.

The service offers a really convenient and effective control panel, with which you can create a server of any complexity in just a few clicks. Even for inexperienced users, this will take no more than five minutes. In addition, a short training video is provided for all functions of the panel, which will allow you to quickly learn all the details.

Key Features:

  • Excellent performance and connection even in low-priced plans;
  • More than 200 modpacks ready to one-click installation;
  • Full access to FTP and SQL Database;
  • Free automated backups for all users;
  • Server builds with all popular minigames.


Price range: $9-$30 monthly

Minimal RAM: 2 GB

Versions: Java

Hostinger brand is well-known all over the world, it is one of the most famous and reliable hosters on the market. And now it offers Minecraft fully customizable hosting with the convenient Multicraft management system. With its help, you can quickly install a vanilla game or one of hundreds of modpacks, manage the world on a server and gain access to all admin features.

Using the services of Hostinger, you get the highest level of service, including 24/7 technical support and a guarantee of instant refund within 30 days if the service does not please you. Those who want to additionally open their website will benefit from the control of all services in one account. In addition, using Hostinger you can register an address for your server in any domain zone at the most favorable prices.

Key Features:

  • >99% servers online time;
  • Dedicated 24/7 support;
  • Full access to FTP and SQL Database;
  • Automated backups and DDOS protection;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


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