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TOP 10 Mansions Seeds for Minecraft 1.15.2-1.17.1


Average rating: 5

The mansion is one of the rarest generated structures in Minecraft. Without using seed or /locate command, only a few players would find these mysterious huge houses that are filled with valuable loot and powerful enemies. They are generated in only one biome called the Roofed Forest but are sometimes partially found in other areas, which can create very beautiful natural generations. We selected TOP-10 of the most beautiful seeds, in which the mansions are close to spawn or create an excellent combination with villages and landscape.

All seeds were tested in Minecraft Java Edition 1.15.2. But they should also work on all versions, from 1.14 to 1.17.1. Some can generate woodland  mansions in earlier versions (but not lower than 1.11, in which this structure was introduced into the game).

Mansion and village on the island

This seed will be interesting to those who love ocean survival. You will start on a fairly large island right next to the mansion. You can also find a village on it. Moreover, in the surrounding waters there are many smaller islands where you can find another village, pillager outpost and ships. There are several important biomes on the main island: forests, plains, mountains, and taiga.

Seed: -245092281374293766

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion: 100 ~ 100
  • Village 1: 40 ~ 620
  • Village 2: 850 ~ 50
  • Island with an outpost: 820 ~ 1000

Mansion and other structures

This seed will give a very interesting area at the spawn point. Immediately after the game start you will be able to visit not only the mansion, but also the village, the pillager outpost, and the temple. Fans of rare biomes will appreciate the presence of a huge mesa and no less large jungle. And all this is located on the seashore, which will also explore the underwater world.

Seed: 3329042454006532243

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion: 70 ~ 70
  • Village: -150 ~ 230
  • Temple: 10 ~ 300
  • Pillager Outpost: 220 ~ 70

Mansion near a mushroom biome

What could be better than a rare structure? Combination with no less rare biome! Using this generation key, you will start the game right next to the mansion and a large mushroom biome. Moreover, it is not on the island, as it happens in most cases, but landlocked and surrounded by different types of forests. Also, next to the spawn there is a very large and beautiful mountain biome.

Seed: -105944925625033061

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion: 40 ~ 100

Village, mansion and bamboo

In this seed, the combination of the village and the mansion creates a very picturesque area. All this is complemented by bamboo jungles, which not only look great, but also become an excellent source of materials for scaffolding. And with the mod Bamboo Everything you can craft even more items. In addition, cute pandas will become your neighbors!

Seed: 3680005620328449521

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion: 100 ~ 100
  • Village: 200 ~ 80
  • Jungle Temple: 230 ~ 10

Beautiful mansion on a cliff

If you are not interested in the number of structures on the spawn, but in picturesque landscapes, then try to play with this seed. With it, the mansion is generated in a dark forest hills, and is located on top of a large cliff with waterfalls. Because of this position, on several sides, the foundation rises in the height of a few dozen blocks. Because of this, the mansion looks like an impregnable fortress. Relatively nearby you can find several villages, and in the south there are quite large jungles.

Seed: -609011365223946876

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion: 40 ~ 40
  • Village 1: -330 ~ 110
  • Village 2: 600 ~ 100
  • Witch Hut: 50 ~ -300

Mansion inside the settlement

As you can see in this collection, mansions are often generated near villages. But here he is located right inside it. In some versions, villagers homes can literally get stuck in a mansion. It is also worth noting that the mansion is partially underground. The windows of the lower floors overlook the dungeons. Thanks to this, after stripping it can become an excellent base for mining resources in mines.

Seed: -1690379749881996878

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion and village: 70 ~ 40

Two mansions and a mesa

Finding a mansion within 1000 blocks of the spawn point is a great success. But with this seed, not far from the spawn point, there will be two of them at once! In addition, both mansions are located on the border with the same place. This rare biome is a real find for fans of epic landscapes and mines.

Seed: 1827155325927381432

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion 1: 100 ~ 70
  • Mansion1 2: -800 ~ -520

Three mansions

If you liked the last seed, then this one will seem even cooler. With it, you can find three mansions at once! More than 2,000 blocks will have to go to the farthest one, but still, this seed is unique because sometimes you have to explore tens of thousands of blocks searching for at least one mansion. And here the first one will be right on the spawn, and the other two can be reached in one game day. In addition, near the two mansions, there are also villages!

Seed: 2285932197256982404

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion with a village 1: 150 ~ 70
  • Lonely mansion: -1080 ~ 700
  • Mansion with a village 2: -1900 ~ 400

Mansion in the snow

The last mansion in the collection is one of the most beautiful. It is partially located in a cold biome, which is why its roof is covered in some places with snow. In addition, it is also located close to the snowy village, which makes this seed even more valuable and interesting. Except the starting location, you can also explore the huge tundra with many igloos and villages.

Seed: 4596990144164786796

Notable coordinates:

  • Mansion with a village: 100 ~ 40
  • Village on the plain: 530 ~ 140

How to use seeds in Minecraft Java Edition:

  1. Launch Minecraft
  2. Start the Singleplayer mode
  3. Select ‘Create New World’
  4. Then click on ‘More World Options…’
  5. In the ‘Seed for the World generation’ field, enter key, which you are interested in
  6. Click the ‘Create New World’ button
  7. Start to explore the generated map

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