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Survivalist Mod


Average rating: 3.7

Add realism to Minecraft with the Survivalist mod. It will make the game more interesting and realistic, you will have to think not only about satisfying hunger, but also many other needs.

Mod will make the game really hardcore. With it you have to take care not only of food, but also of water. At the same time, it will not be enough to find a pond; before use, the water will have to be filtered. To be treated with food now will not work. For minor injuries, a patch will work, but for more serious ones, you will have to craft a first-aid kit. Also added the ability to die from hypothermia, have to take care of warm clothes. Carrying cargo has become more realistic, the mod adds weight restrictions and the need to carry a backpack.

How to install Survivalist mod

  1. Make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the mod for your version of the game.
  3. Put it in the ‘mods’ folder, which is located in the game folder.
MC version 1.16.4-1.16.5
Download Survivalist 1.16.4-1.16.5 [399.67 Kb](Downloads: 81)
MC version 1.16.3
Download Survivalist 1.16.3 [396.06 Kb](Downloads: 206)
MC version 1.16.1
Download Survivalist 1.16.1 [383.37 Kb](Downloads: 613)
MC version 1.15.2
Download Survivalist 1.15.2 [378.10 Kb](Downloads: 204)
MC version 1.12.2
Download Survivalist 1.12.2 [299.70 Kb](Downloads: 190)
MC version 1.12-1.21.1
Download Survivalist 1.12-1.21.1 [295.95 Kb](Downloads: 56)
MC version 1.11.2
Download Survivalist 1.11.2 [215.97 Kb](Downloads: 11)
MC version 1.11
Download Survivalist 1.11 [185.91 Kb](Downloads: 6)
MC version 1.10.2
Download Survivalist 1.10.2 [220.10 Kb](Downloads: 24)
MC version 1.9.4
Download Survivalist 1.9.4 [97.29 Kb](Downloads: 9)
MC version 1.9
Download Survivalist 1.9 [89.97 Kb](Downloads: 11)
MC version 1.8.9
Download Survivalist 1.8.9 [81.02 Kb](Downloads: 125)
MC version 1.7.2
Download Survivalist 1.7.2 [29.74 Kb](Downloads: 10)
MC version 1.6.2
Download Survivalist 1.6.2 [174.93 Kb](Downloads: 10)
MC version 1.5.2
Download Survivalist 1.5.2 [165.32 Kb](Downloads: 72)

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  • is the water and carrry weight only in older versions of the game? i tried to use the config files but was never able to find anything for drinking water. medkits or carry weight

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