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Minecolonies Mod


Average rating: 3.9

Minecolonies is an amazing mod that will allow you to create and constantly develop your own settler colony in Minecraft. Many strategy elements will appear in the game, which will make it even more fun.

By installing this mod, you can establish a small settlement in any convenient place. First you need to build a town hall, after which the first settlers will begin to arrive in the colony. Each of them will have a name and characteristics. You will be able to give residents various tasks, for example, to collect resources, craft items or build buildings.

For the growth of the colony, you will need to properly allocate resources. All residents need food, and for the construction of buildings you will need a lot of materials and tools. Thanks to this mod, the single mode in Minecraft will be no less interesting than the network mode, because you will have a huge number of development opportunities.

How to install Minecolonies mod

  1. Make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. For Minecraft 1.14.4 and higher, you also need to install the Structurize mod.
  3. Download the mod for your version of the game.
  4. Put it in the ‘mods’ folder, which is located in the game folder.
MC version 1.20.x
Download Minecolonies 1.20.x [70.48 Mb](Downloads: 109)
MC version 1.19.4
Download Minecolonies 1.19.4 [74.55 Mb](Downloads: 110)
MC version 1.19.3
Download Minecolonies 1.19.3 [69.18 Mb](Downloads: 141)
MC version 1.19-1.19.2
Download Minecolonies 1.19-1.19.2 [66.11 Mb](Downloads: 492)
MC version 1.18.2
Download Minecolonies 1.18.2 [42.47 Mb](Downloads: 326)
MC version 1.18-1.18.1
Download Minecolonies 1.18-1.18.1 [39.39 Mb](Downloads: 366)
MC version 1.17.1
Download Minecolonies 1.17.1 [34.82 Mb](Downloads: 207)
MC version 1.16.5
Download Minecolonies 1.16.5 [36.82 Mb](Downloads: 994)
MC version 1.16.4
Download Minecolonies 1.16.4 [659.62 Kb](Downloads: 715)
MC version 1.16.3
Download Minecolonies 1.16.3 [31.54 Mb](Downloads: 1227)
MC version 1.16.2
Download Minecolonies 1.16.2 [31.45 Mb](Downloads: 677)
MC version 1.16.1
Download Minecolonies 1.16.1 [29.86 Mb](Downloads: 3485)
MC version 1.15.2
Download Minecolonies 1.15.2 [32.34 Mb](Downloads: 2357)
MC version 1.15.1
Download Minecolonies 1.15.1 [32.32 Mb](Downloads: 122)
MC version 1.14.4
Download Minecolonies 1.14.4 [29.61 Mb](Downloads: 243)
MC version 1.12.x
Download Minecolonies 1.12.x [29.84 Mb](Downloads: 1370)
MC version 1.11.2
Download Minecolonies 1.11.2 [27.86 Mb](Downloads: 97)
MC version 1.10.2
Download Minecolonies 1.10.2 [23.71 Mb](Downloads: 66)
MC version 1.8.9
Download Minecolonies 1.8.9 [4.87 Mb](Downloads: 307)
MC version 1.6.4
Download Minecolonies 1.6.4 [2.66 Mb](Downloads: 141)


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  • OK so I need help. Idk if this is the place to ask but im going to do it anyway. So I downloaded the stuff i needed and now its saying that it failed to load properly so could U help?

  • Hey so it just says that the colonies thing is not working or “failed to load correctly” I have alll the stuff it needs to work i just need help so help?

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