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Mechanization Datapack


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Mechanization Datapack is an excellent replacement for industrial mods for Minecraft version 1.13 and higher. He adds to the game everything necessary to generate energy and create industrial equipment. At the moment, there are more than 40 mechanisms of varying degrees of complexity. You can even craft an incredibly powerful plasma weapon, but for this you need to organize all the necessary infrastructure.

How to install Mechanization datapack

  1. Download the archive with datapack.
  2. Open the datapacks folder in your save (saves are located at .minecraft/saves).
  3. Copy the datapack folder there.
  4. Load your saved game and execute the command /reload.
  5. Datapak is ready to use (within the chosen save).

Download datapack for Minecraft

MC version 1.20.x
Download Mechanization 1.20.x [1.79 Mb](Downloads: 2)
MC version 1.19.x
Download Mechanization 1.19.x [1.50 Mb](Downloads: 57)
MC version 1.18.x
Download Mechanization 1.18.x [1.13 Mb](Downloads: 115)
MC version 1.16.5
Download Mechanization 1.16.5 [796.09 Kb](Downloads: 82)
MC version 1.15.x
Download Mechanization 1.15.x [594.34 Kb](Downloads: 162)
MC version 1.14.x
Download Mechanization 1.14.x [589.44 Kb](Downloads: 26)
MC version 1.13.x
Download Mechanization [3.35 Mb](Downloads: 36)


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