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Advanced Mining Dimension Mod


Average rating: 4

With the Advanced Mining Dimension mod, you can always access a huge dungeon with resources. It resembles the usual mines and caves in Minecraft, but it occupies more than 100 blocks in height and has no surface. To access here you need to craft a special block teleporter. Now you do not have to go far from the base for resources, because from any place you can always get into the depths with lava, diamonds and other resources.

How to install Advanced Mining Dimension mod

  1. Make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the mod for your version of the game.
  3. Put it in the ‘mods’ folder, which is located in the game folder.
MC version 1.16.5
MC version 1.16.3
MC version 1.16.1
MC version 1.15.2
Download Advanced Mining Dimension [30.99 Kb](Downloads: 742)
MC version 1.14.4
Download Advanced Mining Dimension [29.14 Kb](Downloads: 56)

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  • OK, I got it working! I installed another mod that gave me the recipe, planks and logs around the stone pick.

  • I gave it a 2 rating, which was generous. One for the good idea plus a bonus for wasting my time! It would be really nice if there was a recipe posted for making the Portal. Different graphics packs generate different looking blocks. I can’t tell how it is made by the picture provided. Is that 8 wooden planks around a stone pick? Iron Pick?

  • the file for the 1.16.3 download says “lithium fabric” ???

  • how do i get in this dimesion i have the teleporter but when i click on it it doesn’t work

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