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5 Great Winter Seeds for Your Christmas Mood


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Christmas is coming up, and you still don’t have a holiday mood? Create it using the seeds we have selected for you. Build snow golems, throw snowballs, decorate trees and explore snowy biomes.

Igloo and Village Among Ice Spikes

Seed: 427

Version: 1.16.x

You will spawn in a very beautiful snow-covered village, which is partially located among the ice spikes. In the middle of the village you can find an igloo with a basement. Great seed for winter survival.

Winter Village With Nether Portal and Forge

Seed: 200691658394698150

Version: 1.16.x

Play with this seed if you are looking for a cozy village for winter survival in Minecraft. You will spawn in a settlement located on the seashore. The village has a forge and a lot of useful loot. Next to it is a Nether portal, which can be immediately restored with loot from the chest.

Village With Underground Shipwreck

Seed: 2655153455311619159

Version: 1.16.x

In this seed, you will find several unusual generations. You will spawn in a village where there is a shipwreck in the ground under one of the houses (10 ~ 26). An igloo is located near the village at 120 ~ 56. But if you want to find something really interesting, go to coordinates -240 ~ -512. There you will find an igloo with a basement. Dig a few blocks in it and you will find yourself in the mineshaft.

Snowy Village on the Island

Seed: 2437854773290991658

Version: 1.16.x

You will spawn on an island with snowy tundra and taiga biomes. The spawn point is in the village, near which you can find an igloo with a basement (24 ~ 104). Not far from the island, at coordinates -120 ~ 120, there is a whole ship.

Snowy Village With Shipwreck

Seed: 211106232532992556

Version: 1.16.x

Good seed for winter survival. You will appear in a village where a shipwreck can be found under the snow and sand (40 ~ 24). You can dig out and restore the ship and set up your base on it. The spawn location is also worth paying attention to. On one side of the snowy tundra, where the village is located, there is a large mesa biome, and on the other, there are ice spikes and snowy taiga.

How to use seeds in Minecraft Java Edition:

  1. Launch Minecraft
  2. Start the Singleplayer mode
  3. Select ‘Create New World’
  4. Then click on ‘More World Options…’
  5. In the ‘Seed for the World generation’ field, enter key, which you are interested in
  6. Click the ‘Create New World’ button
  7. Start to explore the generated map


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